Thursday, February 2, 2012

How clients rate SPI certification participants

In 2011, we surveyed the industry-at-large and published the (mediocre) results in our newsletter.  The conclusion was that these self-described "green" firms still face many challenges spanning effective leadership to consistent use of best practice methodologies. 
(see past articles: Mirror, Mirror part 1&2 here  and here)

Recently we’ve begun compiling another survey, focusing on the aggregated results of the client and partner surveys of firms who are becoming SPI Certified. 
Happily, those results indicate a higher level of consistent success, conveying their commitment and demonstrating a consistent level of service. The graph below is a sneak peak at the aggregated data for one set of questions about project delivery.   
In the coming months we will share more in-depth results and our analysis of the success factors behind these promising results.

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